Hidden Gem In Fort Mill

Greenway Gateway Welcome Center

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CHARLOTTE – Fall is here and the weather is great for outdoor activities. Some of my favorites include visits to Ann Springs Close Greenway. This wonderful place in the center of Fort Mill features over 2000 acres of woodland with several lakes, around 14 miles of horse trails, and more than 20 miles of beautiful hiking and biking trails.

There is so much to do! You can kayak, canoe, participate in yoga sessions, enjoy outdoor concerts, or visit the on-site restaurant for a pleasant lunch. There’s a Recreation Center with a lot of children’s activities and even a Kids Night Out event.

On our latest visit, we used the Lake Haigler Entrance. (there are 3 entrances). Once inside the park, we hiked around Lake Haigler. That loop has really beautiful views of the colorful Fall leaves. And it’s so tranquil you can forget the chaos of everyday life for a few hours. Another favorite is the 12 acre Dog Park so Huck can socialize with friends. You have to be a member, but the fee is nominal.

The Greenway has a number of great special events in the Fall. My favorites are the Winter Wonderland Holiday Market and weekend Sunset Sessions, which feature good food and music as the sun goes down.

There are way too many activities to go into here so,  visit Greenway’s website ascgreenway.org for all the information. And have a great time!

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