Three Fun Adventures for Quarantine 2020

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Welcome to my column! I have a lot of great ideas for future local adventure articles, so I am praying this downtime home time will soon pass. So, for now, enjoy and have some old fashion fun at home, because the goal is to bring to you local adventures to do outside of your normal lifestyle.

Backyard Glamping/Camping:

If you have the gear; Put up a gameday tent near some trees, hang up string lights, hang your hammock, grab your favorite blanket and get ready to enjoy nature. A great time to do this would be during the moon for a little extra light. How many fireflies can you count? If camping is out of the question, have a campfire and tell ghost stories. Be sure to prepare your favorite camping snack! Depending on the company it could be your favorite homemade trail mix or s’mores.

Neighborhood Fun:

Calling all artists to bring out your sidewalk chalk and start drawing a maze game, starting withHopscotch, add numbers (choose a numerical theme -odds, evens or primes), then Circles with letters representing the alphabet or switch it up with vowels and consonants. Organize RockPainting with different themes and hide them for neighbors to find while out biking or walking the dog. Post it on your community page and get to know more neighbors.

Backyard Weekly Movie Night:

Choose a night each week to host a movie night for the family. Hang up a sheet or use the side of your shed. Ideas for projection via your laptop and

additional equipment are linked Each family chooses 2 or 3 movies they want to see, writes

them down and ads to a jar. Draw one from the jar each week. Hey Don’t Forget >>>> It wouldn’t be movie night without POPCORN. And for me, I would say add some cheese to that, please!

Do Something That Makes You Feel Good!

More and more internet resources have quickly become available. Learn to play an instrument, draw or start an herb garden. If you love gardens be sure to visit the websites for Daniel StoweBotanical or the Biltmore (there are many) and enjoy the virtual tours of this springs flowers. Take that yoga class you have been wanting to take in the privacy of your home get the kids involved! It will relieve stress for everyone and keep you feeling great too!

I would love to hear from you about your local adventures, so if you want to share message me at 704.650.6345. You could be mentioned in my next article.

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