Kitchen Cabinet Upgrades

Upgrade your kitchen by painting the cabinets and changing hardware. Add in a new backsplash, and your kitchen will look new and polished.

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With the kitchen the center of nearly every home, it’s no wonder we turn our attention to our kitchens, especially during the fall. Soon, family and friends will be gathering in the kitchen to celebrate holidays so it’s no wonder we want our family hub to look amazing! Although you can spring for a major kitchen remodel, you can quickly and inexpensively update your kitchen by installing a new backsplash, painting your kitchen cabinets, and upgrading hardware.

Depending on the size and condition of your current cabinets, you can decide to do it yourself or hire a contractor. If you decide to tackle it, make sure you are prepared and expect to put in at least a week’s time (it’s not a weekend project!) and have a dusty, messy work space.

First, wipe down every inch of your cabinets with a degreasing agent. This is a critical step because paint won’t stick on an oily or greasy spot! Second, pull out all drawers and take off doors, removing all hardware and hinges. Third, drawers, doors and your cabinet base need to be sanded; this means all surfaces, including corners and crevices. Next, label every single door, drawer and hinge so you know exactly where it goes when your’e done. Finally, vacuum and wipe down everything. A few grains of dust can ruin your paint finish and may require you to sand it down and start over again!

Next, apply your primer. Work with your local paint store to determine what kind of cabinet primer and paint will work best for your wood. While white is the new “wood” in cabinet color, gray, dark blue and soft green are gaining in popularity. You can even choose two complimentary colors for different areas of your kitchen, for example white cabinets and a dark blue island. Look to kitchen color trends site or Pinterest for your inspiration. Make sure to let each side dry fully before proceeding. While you may be tempted to hang your cabinets quickly, let the paint cure. Follow directions on the can or ask your paint specialist for dry times.

Of course, if this seems too daunting (and, trust me, it can be!), hire a home improvement contractor to do it. Whether contractors use a spray gun or paint by hand, like my team, we know how to make your cabinets look professional and amazing when completed.

For all your home improvement needs, give Mr. Tile and Home Improvements a call at 980-616-0914 or email me at I look forward to making your kitchen—and any room in your home—guest-ready for the coming holidays!

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