Cruising Is Back- Part 15

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CHARLOTTE – Princess Cruises

It is my personal opinion that Princess Cruise Lines started the “Cruise Frenzy”. The 50 to 70 somethings of today grew up with “Captain Stuebing” and the “Love Boat”. Shown as a very smart-looking ship with colorful crew members, who can forget the fun and shenanigans of that Love Boat? Princess continues today with mid-size ships sailing the Caribbean, Alaska and Europe. Best know for romance at sea, the ships cater to the over 40 crowd looking for great food, great crews, great itineraries, and great ships that are not “Great Big” ships. Princess, like Holland American, was a pioneer of Alaska Cruising. They too own lodges and rail cars in Alaska, and offer many tours of the “Land of the Midnight Sun”. You just cannot go wrong on Princess as they offer the fine dining, cleanliness, and mid-size ship itineraries so many folks clamor for, without the overwhelming crowds, noise, and limited itineraries of some of the Mega Ships today. Priced just above mainline, they are very popular in the chosen demographic. Ship capacity runs from 2000 to 3600 passengers among the 15 ships. For fine dining and the “quiet cruising” experience, you cannot beat Princess. If you want an authentic Alaska experience ot you want to relive some scenes from the “Love Boat”, I encourage you to try Princess. You just cannot go wrong.

Phil and Barbara own Leisure Travel Experts here in Mint Hill and are proud members of the Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce.

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