Cruising Is Back- Part 4

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CHARLOTTE – I am only going to review some of the Cruise Lines here.


AMA Waterways is a European River Cruise Line. They operate 85 to 165 passenger ships on the major rivers in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. They enjoy a sterling reputation as a Luxury River Cruise Company and have client satisfaction ratings above 98%. The ships have cabins that are 3 or 4 stories above the water line and most have balconies. Since there is very little wave motion on a river cruise, the balconies are very pleasant to sit on. They’ll have the main dining area, as well as a Chefs Table area that is included in the pricing but does require reservations. Most ships also have an area to grab a quick bite, coffee, or a refreshing drink. Meals, snacks, most alcohol, and excursions are included, a fact that sets River Cruise Ships apart from many Ocean Cruise Ships. Barbara and I found AMA to be gracious hosts. On a recent Cruise on AMA Kristina, the Owner Kristina Karst gave up her Owners Suite to a Mint Hill Couple traveling with our group. In addition, she invited us to dine with her at her table. Barbara and I found her to be a beautiful lady in every way, and most gracious. Typical prices run from$1800pp, but we often get offers for very good savings.

Phil and Barbara operate Leisure Travel Experts here in Mint Hill and are proud members of the Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce.

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