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CHARLOTTE – If someone tells you they know the future of cruising, RUN. Here is the truth about cruising as we KNOWright now. All of this is subject to change. It appears very positive.

Europe has started to open up to cruising in a very small way. Some of the large cruise corporations likeCarnival have started cruising from limited ports. Some of the Greek Isles are open to cruising. There isstill a long way to go as more ports open to cruise ships.

As you may have read, cruising out of US Ports is strictly controlled by the US Government. The CDC inparticular is telling the cruise companies how they must control disease spread in the future, wheneveroperating out of US Ports. Most recently the CDC sent out a request for input on new rules coveringsanitation, employee safety, food distribution, and social distancing. That new report will be madepublic, probably by the end of September. Once that report is released we should have a better idea ofwhat cruising will be like in the future. It appears it will be better, cleaner and smoother than ever. Someof the areas most cruise companies have agreed to change are;

Pre Check In; You will be required to complete your check in before you arrive at the departure port.

Automated processing; You will probably scan a document you got at home, as you check in. Fromthere, all of your paperwork of the past will appear as a digital document that can be finalized in a clickof the mouse. Your room key will become your complete ID on board, giving you access to a myriad ofactivities that used to be manual.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please call Leisure Travel at 980 4061650 or

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Phil Angelo
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