Destination Wedding-Part 1

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I think this article may be a little different than what we have done so far. We are actually going to go through a real Destination Wedding that was just completed, from planning to “I Do”.

November 2017 brings a phone call and a request to discuss information about what a destination wedding is and how it works. Barbara is a wedding planner and works with brides all the time, mostly planning the actual ceremony and reception following. She explains to the Bride that destination weddings are different in that a planner with LOCAL expertise is most important.

Fortunately we have vetted a list of locations where the local wedding planners are included in the package. I review different areas within the Caribbean and Mexico where there are favorable resorts. I provide a “short list” of areas and resorts Barbara and I have used before. Certain Resort companies provide wedding locales that are more favorable than most. Topping the list is the award winning Sandals.

Two more meetings and we have settled on a location, the Riviera Maya where the Bride has the very best beaches, voted number 1 in the world, and the groom can play a round of Golf at a PGA Championship course. Sandals has not built yet in this area, but the Bride chooses Karisma Gourmet Inclusive resorts for the High End Service, Gourmet Dining, and Ultimate Service standards. Her final selection brings us to a Family, Gourmet Inclusive Resort.

By January we have a reservation for a Garden Wedding Site, a 4 course dinner reception. Music, and a civil ceremony, and a reservation at the PGA course. Bridie uses a “Save the Date” free online program to send invitations to her family and friends. Directions are to contact Phil and Barbara for details.

Check back next week for Part 2 of Destination Wedding.

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