Dominican Safety – Part 4

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Last week, our travel experts discussed who would be the perfect client to travel to the Dominican Republic. This week, we will see what they say about the value of a trip to this destination.

TravelPulse (TP): Please talk more about all the value available to travelers heading to the D.R. right now. And why is a place that is the victim of false news usually the destination with the best value?

Paul Smith (PS), co-owner of the TravelSmiths in Point Pleasant, New Jersey: From a value perspective, I don’t think that there is a better spot for this Christmas holiday than the Dominican Republic. Hoteliers and tour operators are telling us that the properties are approximately 30% less this season. Book your place now, take your kids away for the holidays, and call TravelSmiths.

Jazmin Dore (JD), owner of Journeys By Jazmin: I think D.R. is the hottest most economical and safest destination right now. Let’s face it, all eyes are on the D.R. currently, which means it is extra safe. In addition, costs are so affordable that it is a shame not to go. Most, if not all, resorts are on sale. I personally look at it as an opportunity to perhaps experience a higher-end resort because it is now more cost-effective. I think the value for the money is a no-brainer.

Wendy Hoekwater (WH), Apple Leisure Group Vacations’ senior vice president of marketing: Now is the time to experience the D.R. to its fullest. The deals have never been better, and add to that the opportunity to customize each trip with an experiential excursion, while enjoying the amazing beaches, warm hospitality, and exclusive, nonstop flights, so you can get to the beach faster.

Patrycja Kobak (PK), an advisor with OK Travel Agency in Chicago: D.R. prices have been amazing recently. The value offered by hotels and tour operators is incredible. To be able to book a family of four for a week-long vacation at a four-to-five-star all-inclusive resort with nonstop flights and transportation included for under $3,000 in winter months is unheard of.

Brandon Smith (BS), sales manager at 417 Travel in Springfield, Missouri: The value in the D.R. is as good as I have seen it in the last fifteen years while being a travel professional. I personally feel that news and media outlets should be held more accountable for telling the truth and present facts over clickbait headlines and misleading information.

Check back next week to see what these travel experts say about their personal experiences with visiting the D.R.

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