Dominican Safety – Part 5

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Last week, our travel experts discussed the value of a trip to the Dominican Republic. This week, we will see what they have to say about their personal experiences with visiting this destination.

TravelPulse (TP): Did you have any concerns with the D.R. before visiting? And how important is it for your clients to see you at the destination, especially when it comes to convincing them that the destination is safe?

Sheena Dersidan (SD), owner of IAMSHEGLOBAL, based in Los Angeles: Before visiting the D.R., I too was unsure about what was really going on and if it was, in fact, safe. I have my professional channels of receiving up-to-date information, but I still was unsure about what was true, especially having never visited the D.R. I think it’s critically important for my clients that I, as their travel advisor, have personally traveled to the destination they are considering. It’s an immediate added layer of trust and safety to be able to share my personal travel experience and insight with them.

Tranay Kelly (TK), an advisor with Royalty Escapes in New York City: Prior to going to the D.R. I had no concerns, but my clients did. After seeing all of my wonderful videos and pictures, they now feel safe enough to book travel again.

Patrycja Kobak (PK), an advisor with OK Travel Agency in Chicago: I, personally, have not had any concerns before traveling to the D.R. I was excited to be given this opportunity to show my clients that the D.R. is safe and ready for visitors. My clients trust me and know that I would not go to a place where my safety could be compromised. And I would not recommend an unsafe place to my clients. By showing my clients via social media that I am traveling to D.R. and enjoying every moment of it, many of them are now ready to start planning their trips to the Dominican Republic.

Check back next week to see what these travel experts say about the travFORUM and what is shows about the D.R.

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