It’s A New Normal In Travel- Part 2

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CHARLOTTE – B/ Always call us first when you have a desire to travel. We have 15 different resources we can rely on onfor information. We never promise you will be able to travel on the date you select due to regulations resulting from new outbreaks or changes in Government requirements.

C/ Central America and Mexico have also opened to tourism, with similar requirements. Recently the CDC reissued higher levels of Travel Advisories against travel to countries where clusters of positive void 19 test results have again appeared.

D/ in a process of attracting tourists back to a country or region, many suppliers have advertised unprecedented low pricing. In addition, some have added Travel Insurance or Medical Coverage packages at favorable rates, or even free. In almost every case, the coverage provides for booking a new date without penalty or providing Medical Coverage while in-country. Airlines have also removed the penalties for rebooking a flight for almost any reason. It is imperative you consult a Travel Advisor about the policies for a general overview of what kind of coverage is involved. Very few policies allow for a refund. Only “Cancel for Any Reason” policies will actually reimburse a client for cancellation, or deposit refund. Always remember to ask your consultant, then read each policy carefully about whether a refund or a rebooking is allowed. Also, always remember that a Travel Consultant should always advise you to purchase some type of insurance, however, the type of coverage is 100% your responsibility, and disputes are always between you and the insurance carrier. Advisors always act as advisors only and are not responsible for any choices you may make, or fail to make.

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