Most popular destinations in the world. Part 1

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In the next series of articles, we will go in depth to some of the most popular destinations in the world. If you have a favorite, contact Phil at 980-406-1650, and we will all learn about that destination. Our first trip is to Mexico, since it certainly has been in the news more than just about anywhere else. After reading about a Mayor in the USA who was convicted of a serious crime, removed from office, then wins the very next election, hands down, I am convinced any news can be good news. So it is for Mexico, and we should start right out with the BIG question, Is It Safe? The answer is a resounding YES! Common sense has to prevail in Mexico, just as in any country, or in the USA even. Find out about where you want to go, ask questions, check government websites, and consult a Travel Agent. We have resources, and we can give you information and never charge for it, just ask.

Mexico is, essentially, broken into 3 areas. The East Coast and Yucatan Peninsula, the Central, dominated by Mexico City, and the West Coast, from the California Border south.

The East Coast is the most famous area today. It is earmarked by Cancun, a small town on the East Coast, where the claim to fame is the Famous Hotel Zone. This is the original “beach” of Cancun. It is a narrow Peninsula of land with the ocean on one side, and a large lagoon on the opposite. Shaped a bit like a “Golf Club”, hotels are neck to neck the entire length. You can walk the entire area easily, and pass more than 50 large resorts and hotels. There is one street in front of all those hotels, and it is full of Taxi Cabs and busses. Hotels shaped like pyramids may hold as many as 1000 guestrooms, while smaller hotels may hold only 200. This entire area is certainly the “Party Zone”, as it has been for years. Modern Hotels have been built on property where Mom and Pop hotels once stood. You can walk across the street to shopping, hire any one of over 200 tour operators, or spend the day in your all inclusive resort.
Moving down the Same East Coast, the newer area is known as Riviera Maya, all the way down past Playa Del Carmen, for over 80 miles. The biggest difference here is the size of the resort properties. It is common for a resort to occupy 1000 acres or more, and have a golf course on premise. Expanses of beach at these resorts are formidable. Near Playa Del Carmen is a beach area called MAROMA BEACH. Look it up, it is still the “Best Beach in the World winner” this year again. Mayan Ruins, cenotes, fabulous beaches and the night life in Playa Del Carmen, answer the why question. There are over 1000 properties of every description along this coast, north and south of Maroma. Some of the best rated Luxury Hotels of Mexico are also located here. Check my website for Barbara and I on a Camel Ride on the Beach here, by our good friends at LOMAS.

Check back next week for part 2 when we cover the Central, dominated by Mexico City.

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