Most popular destinations in the world. Part 2

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Moving into the Central Area, I feel this is the least known of all of Mexico, and is one of the main reason I attended Mexico’s annual Travel Trade Show this year. I too was only somewhat familiar with this area, and I had very few contacts. I must tell you that as Americans, we are missing the essence of one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Starting in Mexico City, the wonders just unfold in front of a visitor. Mexico City itself is so full of history, I cannot even begin to describe it. The Churches and buildings date back centuries, and are still used by the wonderful citizens, With the right guide, you can spend a whole week centered in the city, and never see the same site twice.

Just outside Mexico City are the most treasured Mayan Ruins in the world. While I am on the subject, Mexico has OVER 10,000 ruins documented, and many more to be discovered. Another appealing part of visiting some ruins is the infrastructure that has developed, thanks to tourism. A good friend mentioned the other day at the conference, there is a stereotype of Mexican Busses where half the people on the bus are sitting there with a certain type of Farm Livestock in the seat.

I witnessed the transformation of the bus system in Mexico, personally, this week. They have the most modern busses, equipped with every feature. There are no crushing lines, the seats are magnificent, and some lines even serve refreshments on board. The highway system has undergone a multi billion dollar improvement that is just now showing itself.

To the south of Mexico City are some of the most adventure driven sites you could imagine. Rafting, rappelling, horseback riding, mountain climbing. I met a Wedding Designer who has designed weddings in this area. One ceremony was held in a HOT AIR BALLOON, overlooking a verdant canyon. Wilderness camping treks are very popular. The area is full of independent artists who produce original artwork that has been displayed as far away as Moscow. Leather Work is of the highest quality.

Check back next week when we finish up this series with the West Coast, from the California Border south.

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