Travel for Veterans Part 1

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In the next series we will talk about some travel ideas for Veterans. Those of us Ladies and Men who served in various conflicts are beginning to get some attention from Government. Several Veterans groups have formed to honor veterans, and one group  that dishonored us Vietnam Vets by refusing us membership, now recognizes us as “Real” veterans. But what has the Travel Industry done for veterans?

This next series of articles will try to point out just some of the many adventures, tours, and cruises that are designed for, and around, Veterans and families. All of them include families as most veterans I have met, regard family as a most important part of life, during and after service to country. These next articles will discuss some of these adventures, culminating, in the special Veterans Day Edition of this paper, in a story of how Veterans can take advantage of the many, many, honorariums travel companies provide just for them.

We start with WW II Veterans. Perhaps because it is the most distant conflict with participants still living, there are a lot of choices. We start with Normandy. It has become, singularly, the most visited WW II site, replacing Auchwitz.

The River Cruise companies have been providing select itineraries to transport folks to the Normandy Beaches area. There are multiple River Cruise Companies I could describe, so today we will talk about Uniworld Boutique Cruise Line. They are unique in the design of the ships, but especially the interior design. The color palettes on board are unmatched in the industry, making them most appealing to families of Normandy Invasion veterans. They are the only River Cruise Company to actually name certain sailings “ Generation Family Program” sailings. Cruises include all meals on board, and unlimited beverages. That concept with beverages alone, sets this cruise line aside from many others. The fine wine collection on board is unsurpassed, and included. They include guided and “Go as you please” tours every day. You are supplied with modern headsets to listen to the experienced tour guides, bicycles for use, and “Nordic Walking Sticks’, a cute but handy selection.

Starting in Paris the tour uses the Seine River, with stops in Vernon for Giverny and the residence of Monet. Next is Rouen and Mont Saint Aignan, and the famous Cathedral of Notre Dame. Next is the port for Honfleur or Etretat. Many of the Impressionist painters came here for temporary residence they could paint into memories for the world. Celebrate on board, but rest up tonight. Our next stop is Rouen for the Normandy Beaches.

Your experienced and personable tour guides will leave you in a trance with stories and memories of the most famous invasion in the world. You have probably seen the movies, but if you are a Normandy Veteran or family of a Deceased Normandy Veteran, these memories will be etched in your mind forever.

Our next stop is the port for Versailles. Without a doubt this is the standard bearer for Opulent residences. It will be hard to leave this Palace behind as we move on to our final stop, and return, to Paris. You will overnight here, and be offered several included tours of Paris.

Our next set of tours honor our Korea Veterans. Several Tour Companies that specialize in Asia Tours, now include Korea as a choice. For such a small country. Korea has a lot to offer a visitor. It is a very safe country to visit, and the Korean People are very hospitable and warm. One company, Globus, has several offerings. 

Check back next week for the start of our Sample Tour.

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