Travel for Veterans- Part 3

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The last article in this series will talk about recognition by various vendors, for all veterans. It is very true that all tour operators and Cruise Lines honor Veterans in some way. It is impossible to list all the ways they pay tribute, but today we will talk about something that really matters to most of us. “Put your wallet where your mouth is”. Here are just some of the offers I know of.

Cruise Lines have offers for veterans, as well as police and firefighters. Some of the veteran offers are specific to November cruises, Travel Consultants like myself always offer a cash or discount to Veterans – ALWAYS! On the European River Cruises that visit such sites as Normandy, you will find deep discounts that often are extended to Veterans Families. I have personally booked Veterans and Families on a Normandy River Cruise at under $1500pp.

Tour Companies like Globus will often allow agents to book tours for Veterans and Families at prices not available to any other group. I booked a family who went to Italy with Grandpa to visit the beach where he landed, some of the towns he fought in, and where he saw Musolini’s Death Site. The tour company we used, Cosmos, was so taken by Grandpa’s history, they actually gave him a free booking so he could be with his family of 26 people. That was a moving booking for me, and showed me at least one company that cares about veterans.

Active Military are given special pricing with some airlines on some itineraries. These are not advertised and are best booked at the base Travel Office where the individual is stationed.

Some Airlines give special consideration to veterans who want to visit Hawaii. Contact us or your favorite travel consultant to see what is available on select dates.

Never forget our disabled veterans. This consultant took an extensive program to become certified to service our disabled population, especially veterans. The most important lesson was how to make travel accessible for disabled populations like war Veterans. We can get that veteran accommodations that allow many of them to do travel itineraries they never dreamed possible.

To all Veterans, from a family of Active Service and Veterans, come see us and we will “Put our wallet where our mouth is”. We appreciate your service and each and every one of you is special to us.

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