Travel tips and rules Part 2

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Regarding Cruising, some of the latest developments have been an increase in entertainment options on board, including water slides that extend 20 stories high out over the side of the ship. Bumper Cars on ships, Robots at bars serving adults, Disney-esque room decorations and animation, and Family Suites with pools. Check in is quicker as automation hits the industry. All inclusive is the newest rage where you can buy an alcohol package on board that provides for some – if not all – of your daily consumption of alcohol.

New Luxury Cruise Line offerings are also getting all inclusive, where your flights, transfers, alcohol, tours, and tips are all included up front. There is a new class of luxury cruising growing in popularity. The Luxury Expedition Cruises to places like Antartica and Iceland are appearing or growing, and are sold out for the most part. One company, starting out as a Luxury Ocean Line Company, is building a Luxury Aircraft for flying clients to and from embarkation, and has a Helicopter on the newest ship, along with a submarine for exploring.

Government Rules on travel change frequently. It is not my place to approve of, or disapprove of, these rules. I am required to keep up with them as much as possible, and all of my Vendors have full time compliance officers who monitor changing rules to make travel as seamless as possible. That being said, even the government has stated in documents on safe travel, citizens are encouraged to seek the advice of trained traveler advisors, and use reputable vendors. When you book your own travel with businesses who consolidate bookings for private homeowners or transportation with underinsured vehicles with no vetting, or decline Travel Insurance, you are giving up most, if not all, recourse you may otherwise have.

Please google or read up on some of the horror stories related to these bookings or any of those consolidators. Rapes, non – existant lodging, rate changes, lack of facilities, are all concerns, Buyer Beware!

In our next series we will move on to much more pleasant topics. Happy Travels

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