Travel Today- Part 1

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CHARLOTTE – As travel rules have changed so rapidly over the last few months, I feel it is time for a review. In this next series, I will list some countries that are not allowing US Citizens to enter at this time. Then I will list countries that are wide open with no restrictions. Since those wide-open countries are the most in-demand, I will list some reasons to visit or vacation there. The last series will be the countries that are open but with restrictions such as testing, etc. Please bear with me as this information changes daily.

First, if you can travel, what are the new changes since Covid stopped everything.

Air; Airports will no longer require face masks here in the USA. Airlines will no longer ENFORCE the existing recommendations from the CDC to wear masks onboard flights. Anyone, anytime, for any reason, may elect to wear a face mask in airports or onboard flights. In other countries, please ask your travel Consultant about specific rules and carry a mask in your carry-on just to be safe.

Almost all airports have gone to, or are going to, Kiosks for checking in and checking luggage. Get used to it, it is here to stay. You can just slide your passport or driver’s license, or boarding pass into the Kioskreader, and your reservation will show up. You can print your boarding pass there, your luggage tags, and, in some cases, weigh your bags. You just slide your bags to the counter and hand them over. Always verify your baggage tags have the correct destination airport code on them. Also, put your baggage receipt safely in with your documents in case your bags are lost. When you are making reservations or comparing costs, ALWAYS check what is included in your fare. Extra costs have become common. Check for seat selection, carry-on bags, checked bags, and bag weight (Different maximum in Europe than USA). The common terms of basic, extra, and first-class are no longer common. There are as many names for seat selection as there are types of aircraft.

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