Turks And Caicos 2022 Part 4

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CHARLOTTE – After 2 virtual meetings with her own Bridal Consultant from Beaches, she added several items, including a sit down dinner and open bar.Before she was committed, she found out she was also entitled to a free suite for the day for her to get dressed and have her hair done,along with all the Bridesmaids. As it turned out, she was able to bring her entire Family within the budget, and give rooms to the Bridal party.

Barbara and I got to watch the wedding and reception from the outside, and I was amazed at how seamless everything was and what a wonderful experience that was for everyone.

The last couple we spoke to were John and Brittney from California.They had two teenagers, a 13 year old girl and a 15 year old boy. Prior to arriving they were very worried that the teens were just going to be lonely and not enjoy the rip. Once they arrived, they found both teens were so excited about the water park and the Ocean water sports, that they never had a chance to get lonely. The very first day they met other teens and formed a tight knit group. They planned out every day and every evening together, only inserting evening dinners with the parents. At dinner they would chat endlessly about everything they did that day, and how the Beaches Teen Team were so cool and so much fun. When John insisted that the teens join them on a snorkling trip,they asked if some of the other teens could join them. Of course John said yes, and they ended up with 6 of the teens joining them. John and Brittney spent most days and nights enjoying “Me Time” at the resort.They were very complimentary of the dining options. Brittney said the teens never wanted to go out to dinner with them at home, but just being able to go to a fine dining facility in the resort like Marios, where the teens could order Pizza or Meatballs, and enjoy a sit down dinner with them, was one of the most satisfying parts of the trip.

Phil and Barbara have owned Leisure Travel experts here in Mint Hill since 1994 and are proud members of Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce. Contact them at (980) 406-1650 or phil.angelo@leisuretravelexpert.com.

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