Where in the World is Phil- August 2020, Part 4

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Charlotte, NC – Restaurants on Fort Lauderdale Beach beachfront. We were on the boardwalk and the city had posted signs all over about face masks. We saw maybe 10 people, of the 250 or so we saw on the beach, wearing face masks. On the boardwalk, about 50% of the people were actually wearing face masks. Once we arrived at the restaurant, there was a sign stating no one would be admitted without a facemask. We observed about 75% compliance. People who wanted in but did not have a mask, usedKleenex tissues, handkerchiefs, and paper towels to cover to get in. Once in, masks were nowhere to be found, whether seated, using the facilities, or leaving the restaurant – no masks except my family. Oh well. We did find the beaches to be crowded, but we had no intention of going on that beach. Many stores were open, although all had warning signs about social distancing and masks. Again, a modicum of compliance.

Hampton Inn South Miami Airport. We enjoyed a good night’s sleep here. The mattress was comfortable, the room adequate, and the sparse staff was very friendly. We were informed we could have a light breakfast in the morning and we were also given information about where the local restaurants were.

Upon rising, we found the offered “breakfast” lacking, but the staff friendly. They offered us packaged juice, bagged pastry, and sealed containers of milk and coffee. I fully understand the safety concerns, and I was not surprised at all by the offerings. Barbara and I elected to follow the directions given, and we enjoyed a great breakfast at the adjacent strip mall area.

Driving to Key West was a snap. The roads were not crowded at all, the scenery wonderful, and there were plenty of places to refresh or snack. Arrival in Key West was on time with no surprises. There was a minimum of highway work approaching Key west, but we had no trouble. Thanks to modern electronics like WAZE, we were led directly to our hotel with minimum delays.

Join us next week for more on Where in the World is Phil- August 2020, Part 5

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