Let’s Take it Outside

Tiles compliment outdoor living spaces, such as patios, pools, spa, stairs and more.

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With spring in full bloom and summer just around the corner, we are spending more time outdoors. People are sprucing up their outdoor spaces with new furniture, colorful pillows, decorations, garden accessories and so much more. The first impression of your home is what people see on the outside, so now is a good time to get out the power-washer (or hire a professional), plant summer flowers, and repair any damages that may have occurred over time.

Outdoor work requests have spiked these last few weeks, including tiling pools and porch floors, and repairing outdoor steps. If you’re considering these projects, make sure to hire a professional who knows how to work with the materials that work best for outdoor living. And keep in mind you may have to wait a few days—anywhere from 48 hours to one week—to use your outdoor space after the work is completed. This is critical! Temperatures change from day to day and day to night, so it’s important to ask your contractor how long the project will take to set or cure, and when you can step on the space—and then follow that timeline! If you don’t adhere to the recommended time, you could have crooked or uneven tiles on your patio or steps. This will require your contractor to fix them again, which will likely cost you more because tiles will have to be removed and reset.

BEFORE: The tiles had fallen off these stairs because of various issues, including wear and tear, original tile size and placement, and grout.
Mr. Tile Stair Project
AFTER: We replaced all the tiles on the stairs with proper-sized tiles and the right grout, and allowed time for the stairs to cure before stepping on them.

Your big-box home stores and local tile distributors carry tiles and grout that work best for outdoor areas. When selecting tiles for the project, bring a picture of the space or area as well as exact measurements given to you by your contractor. This will ensure you have the proper outdoor materials in the correct quantity, to get your project done right the first time—so you can enjoy the outdoors and improve your home’s curb appeal.

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