5 Landscape Ideas To Create More Privacy

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CHARLOTTE – Make your landscape more of a personal retreat by adding elements that give you privacy. Try these easy ways of creating your own private garden.

Fencing – The most obvious and fastest way of creating privacy is to put up a fence. If you choose to build a fence to add privacy to your landscape, select a material and style that complements your home.

Hedges – If a fence is too stark, grow a hedge. There are shrub varieties perfect for using as hedges for every region. For a natural look, mix it up a little and combine a variety of shrubs. A beautiful mosaic can be created by mixing in a small tree or two for extra height, color, and texture.

Berms – Berms are basically miniature hills in the landscape. They add height to plantings, which can be an effective way to create privacy. A berm is also good for highlighting smaller plants, as it can bring them to eye level.

Pergolas – While a pergola probably won’t block out your entire yard, it’s a great solution for adding privacy to a smaller space. A vine-covered pergola creates a private, shady nook underneath—perfect for a secluded bench or patio. A pergola also adds year-round structure to the landscape. You can create different levels of privacy with pergolas, too. A simple vine-covered pergola is one good example.

Lattice – If you just have a spot or two you want to block from view (or where you want the view blocked from), try setting up a few inexpensive lattice panels and planting a small garden bed around them. Decorative vines will give the lattice panels extra interest and integrate nicely into the landscape.

As we move towards winter and away from the busier spring and summer months, it is an ideal time to plan and maybe even construct your own private backyard Garden of Eden.

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