Beware And Be Prepared For Spring Late Frost

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CHARLOTTE – The end of frost dates are always an estimate in our area. Although frost and deep freezes as late as April are rare here, they can occur and do damage to new leaf growth and tender buds stressing trees, bushes and young garden sprouts. This type of plant stress can also weaken growth and make plants vulnerable to disease. A number of years ago we had a deep freeze occur in April and unfortunately was immediately followed by five months of drought – a double whammy.

Covering your plants with light cloth such as sheets or row cover cloth is one method to provide protection and if snow or ice is expected it’s important to prop up the coverings with some kind of support such as stakes to ensure the extra weight does not harm the plants.

Additional efforts to keep your plants strong during a frost or freeze event should include:

Making sure you have sufficient mulch laid down which keeps the soil and root systems warm.

Keeping the plants well-watered. Moist soil is warmer than dry soil. When watering, water at the roots and avoid getting leaves, fruits and young buds wet and ultimately freezing.

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