Colors And The Ultimate Landscape Design

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CHARLOTTE – Color can be used to evoke just the right mood or emotion. Color can also be used to define the outside environment; enhancing visual appeal, and adding dimension to your landscape.

For instance, reds, oranges, yellows, and neutrals of black and brown are warm colors. Greens, blues, violets, grays, and neutral whites are in the cool category.

Warm colors create excitement; they inspire and motivate. This is why the colors associated with fall are so invigorating and soul stirring.

Cool colors on the other hand tend to have a calming effect. They can be cold and impersonal or comforting and nurturing. Try combining cool colors with rich warm colors for high visual appeal; both soothing and stimulating. When making foliage selections for your landscape design, consider the affect of the change of seasons on each plant.

If your home is white or cream, nearly any color foliage will do. However, foliage color for plants surrounding a structure painted a vivid color must be chosen with care. Placing cool colored plants to the rear of the yard or garden can make the area seem larger. Plants with warm colors are great for dramatic displays.

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