Have Mercy On The Soil Suppliers

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CHARLOTTE – With the wonderful weather we’ve experienced over the last week or so folks are yearning to turn to their present gardens or gardens-in-waiting, their lawns, or planting season in general. Unfortunately, this past winter has been cold, then wet, then continued cold, and wetter. Not good conditions to process local topsoils and compost blends that make for a healthy lawn or garden. Even finding plain old fill dirt has been tough due to dramatically reduced construction and grading activities as a result of this past wet/cold Winter.

Processing high-quality planting soils, whether bagged or in bulk, is tough if not impossible when attempting to screen topsoil that is saturated. The best workable red fill dirt from our area cannot absorb too much moisture or it will turn into unworkable clay. In short, we are experiencing a temporary local soil shortage at a time when everyone is gearing up for a beautiful spring planting season.

Fear not and have faith in the numerous soil suppliers in our area. They make their living by screening and producing garden soil and garden soil blends of all kinds along with so many other types of soils and compost. As soon as they can process and catch up with demand the soils should be more readily available.

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