Last Minute Tips To Show Off Those Ornamentals

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CHARLOTTE – “Ornamentals” when used as a noun, can apply to landscape and is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “plants cultivated for their beauty rather than for use.” And because you love the beauty they provide especially during spring when everything is new and fresh you want to make sure you have done everything possible to maximize their potential. For a few last-minute early spring tips to achieve that “head-turning” curb appeal ornamentals are meant for we turn to Dr. Lucy Bradley, Consumer and Community Horticulture Professor and Extension Specialist, Horticultural Science, NC State Extension, NC State University (GO PACK!!!):

“Hand pull winter annual weeds from ornamental beds before they seed.

In late winter, very early spring cutback ornamental grasses close to the ground, being     careful not to prune any new shoots emerging.

Divide perennials in March.

Use lawn alternatives in areas where grass will not grow or is not needed such as Mondo     Grass more commonly known as Monkey Grass, Pachysandra an evergreen perennial,   Ajuga also known as Bugleweed and the flowering Sweet Woodruff.

Prune spring flowering plants such as azaleas, forsythia, and viburnum immediately after     they bloom.

Plant annuals after the last frost. Pinch back the first flowers.

Maintain a 2-to-3-inch layer of mulch around ornamental beds.

Scout for bagworms on Leyland Cypress and Junipers in May.

Move houseplants outside after the last frost date if desired.”

By following these simple tips you will ensure your ornamentals are producing the beauty that you intended and you will enjoy throughout the spring and summer seasons.

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