NOW Is The Time For Your Crepe Myrtle

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CHARLOTTE – A Southern classic, crepe myrtles in the summer produce stunning and long-lasting rippled or crinkled blooms ranging in colors from deep purple to lavender, ivory, white, pink and red. In the fall we enjoy their colorful foliage and, even in winter, they display their peeling bark that gives textural distinction to their trunks and stems as well. Crepe myrtle, deciduous or evergreen, dwarf varieties to towering giants that can grow taller than 100 feet, are part of a 50 tree and shrub group in the genus Lagerstroemia.

Crepe myrtles are cultivated worldwide, most often in tropical and subtropical climates where warm weather helps them to thrive and show off their unique beauty.  You’ll find them thriving everywhere, in many varieties, throughout the South including the Carolinas and especially in our very own Metrolina Region.

Crepe myrtle is a relatively low-maintenance choice for landscaping in the right region. To help crepe myrtle thrive and look its very best:

Ensure Full Sunlight  Crepe myrtle needs full sun (6+ hours a day) to thrive.

Use Suitable Soil  Regarding soil pH, neutral or slightly acidic soil is recommended. Soil must be well-draining due to crepe myrtle susceptibility to root rot.

Fertilize Lightly  A light application of slow-release fertilizer, high in nitrogen, will ensure brighter flowers and healthier growth.

Prune in Late Winter, Early Spring  These plants bloom on new wood, so late winter or very early spring pruning is a must to promote flowering. Remove suckers, tangled branches and irregular shapes to keep the best size and form. DO NOT CUT THOSE BEAUTIFUL CREPE MYRTLES DOWN TO UGLY STUMPS!

Expose the Trunk for More Beauty  The delicate peeling bark of larger crepe myrtles is one of the hallmarks of the crepe myrtle year-round experience. Prune away branches from the lower 4 – 5 feet of the trunk to completely expose that distinctive bark.

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