Weeds In The Lawn

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CHARLOTTE – Weeds in an established lawn can sometimes be difficult to control, but if your lawn is properly cared for, a lot of weeds will be controlled by the grass, as it will smother them out.

Broad leaves can be controlled with a weed and feed fertilizer at the recommended rates on the container, or you can use a hoe to pull out the weeds if you choose not to use herbicides. Grass weeds are much more difficult to control than broad leaves. Eliminating weeds from the top growing area is a very good start to controlling a lot of these weeds.

However, there are always some weeds in the ground that have hard seeds or are just dormant and escape controls. If you have problems with other competing grasses, you can either spot spray or hoe out the unwanted plants.

Timing for seeding lawns AND controlling weeds is important. The growths of your good grass and bad weeds are both controlled by the same elements – temperature, water, sunshine, and nutrients. In the South, your lawn needs overseeding every year to maintain a lush, healthy lawn that will also be your most effective and natural tool to combat those weeds that will inevitably pop up every Spring.

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