Back Pain And Massage

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CHARLOTTE – Recently I had a client to come in with severe back pain. Why does it seem as we grow older that we encounter more back pain than ever? It seems as if our spine, low back (sacram) and hips take the brunt of the impact of what goes on with our bodies. For instance, I stand all day. Bending over, trying to massage my clients using the best posture possible, is sometimes impossible. But I do pay attention. The reason that I think of it with each and every massage is that I feel it when things aren’t right. I feel discomfort if I’m leaning over too much or if I’m using my arms instead of my core.

I encounter lots of people that stood a lot in their careers or they stand a lot doing activities that they love. This can show up in their spine and surrounding areas. Sometimes they might have low back pain which only feels better if they get massage on the muscles surrounding their spine, sacram and their hips (gluteal muscles). Believe it or not, when your back hurts, there can be other muscle groups that need attention. Perhaps the hamstrings (back of thigh), quads (front of thighs) and hips will also need massage.

Back pain is not going to just affect the part of the back you feel it in. It’s probably going to refer pain to other parts of the body, some you don’t even know are uncomfortable until your massage therapist touches them.

-Lisa Lane (#13098) is a licensed massage therapist at Massage Sanctuary. To book an appointment please visit our website at

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