Massage And Posture

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CHARLOTTE – I had a potential client ask me the other day if massage would improve posture. My first answer was ‘maybe’. I have seen times when clients walked out of my office feeling ‘taller’. I’ve even said to myself (after a great massage} that I felt like I was floating a bit and even thought the colors I was seeing were brighter.

That’s all subjective of course. I suppose we could do a before and after measurement for clients, showing an increase in height after a great neck/shoulder massage. I’ve certainly been a part of this type of study. But unless you change your ways, stop doing the things that make your ears lower to your shoulders and quit the actions that raise your shoulders to hide your neck, then I’m willing to say the results will be temporary.  And that’s not a bad thing.

Would feeling better once you walk out to make your posture better? Does a great massage make you walk a little taller? Put you on a pathway to do healthier things? Does a massage that helps you with pulling your shoulders down to where they should normally reside push you to redefine what makes your body happy and healthy?

If the proof is there for you, then by all means let people know it’s helped you with your posture. Studies are slow to be recognized where massage can be proven to do certain things, but I’ll accept the subjectivity of each person’s results until further proof is available.

-Lisa Lane is the owner and lead therapist (#13098) at Massage Sanctuary in Mint Hill. To make an appointment please go to

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