Massage And Priorities

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CHARLOTTE – I think it’s safe to say we are tired of the rain (even though we’ll be begging for it this summer), we’re tired of being pent up and most of us are just tired of not having the human interaction we’re used to.

At Massage Sanctuary, we’ve been fortunate to be busy. Busy since we returned to work after our 8 weeks forced vacation last year when the pandemic began.  I’m contributing it partly to the power of touch. Human beings were born to be touched, it’s part of our makeup. We discover things by touching, we let people know we care by touching, we comfort by touch and we, in turn, find comfort in welcome touch.

We’ve seen study after study proving touch is not only important for development but is crucial to survival. Johns Hopkins Hospital reported in 1915 that babies left in orphanages and given proper nutrition died at a rate of about 90 percent. Because of this, babies often had their growth stunted and had developmental issues  These valuable studies helped institutions understand the importance of touch. When staff was added to provide enough time for each child to be held, handled, and touched, mortality rates dropped dramatically.

Our skin is, well, everywhere on our body, right? It consists of about 18 square feet of nerve endings and sensory receptors. When we are forming as an embryo, our brain and skin come from the same layer of development. No wonder our brain is stimulated by what is happening with our skin.

How better than to stimulate those sensory receptors and nerve endings with a massage. Taking time for your brain health, as well as your physical health is not selfish, it’s necessary.

Lisa Lane, LMBT#13098 is the owner and lead therapist at Massage Sanctuary in Mint Hill. Celebrate 8 years with them by booking your appointment at or calling/texting (704) 773-6863.

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