Massage And Your Feet

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CHARLOTTE – Let’s look at the benefits of foot massage. When I would get massages years ago (before my massage career), I always left my socks on and wouldn’t let them the massage therapist touch my feet. My reasoning was, why would anyone want to touch my feet? I finally asked a therapist about it and she said, ‘You’re missing out’. That totally changed my perspective!

As a therapist, we look at your feet as an all important set of body parts. They work hard, they help us get around, they help us balance and they help keep our body stable. So if we aren’t taking care of them then we are only setting ourselves up for failure.

You’ve got 26 bones and 30 (30!) joints in your foot, around 26 muscles and even more tendons and ligaments. You’ll also have thousands (7000+) of nerve endings in your foot! No wonder our feet are so sensitive to what we do to them. One way to encourage healthy feet is to make sure they’re massaged. The massage can help loosen tight muscles, free up the bones and joints and encourage a broader range of motion. If your feet are sensitive, let your therapist know. If you have neuropathy (damage nerves that numbness, tinging, weakness and pain), talk with your therapist about how he/she can hopefully improve the condition that you’re in,

It’s extremely important to keep your health in check and make your foot health a priority. Once you have foot problems, it will affect your overall wellness.

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