Information to Gather Before You Sell Your Home

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Before you put a “for sale” sign in the front yard, there’s some information you should collect that will help you get your home ready to be sold.

Gather your receipts for improvements and repairs – This is excellent information that will help you fill out your State Property Disclosure and will also disclose any repairs made to the property. Your Property Disclosure is an opportunity to show buyers the extensive improvements that have been made to your home.

HOA rules and neighborhood amenities – Have a copy of your Home Owner’s Association Rules and Regulations so this can easily be shared with interested buyers. You could also provide a link to the HOA website for up to date info. Be sure also to list in marketing materials the amenities that your neighborhood has to offer such as pool, tennis courts or walking trails.

Mortgage documentation – When you obtain a contract on your home, the closing attorney will need all of the information about your mortgage and any additional loans on the property.

A list of improvements – List any improvements you have made to your home whether major or minor including redesigns of rooms, new flooring, bathroom updates or anything else that you can “brag” about your home.

Warranty information – If any major improvements have warranties this could be very desirable to a buyer. For example windows with lifetime warranty or a roof with a 25 year warranty.

Provide your Realtor with details about outdoor features – Pool, landscaping, irrigation systems, outdoor kitchens, fireplace, etc. These items have become very important to buyers and the more information they are given, the more excited they get about your home.

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