Make Your Deck Shine for Spring and Summer Selling

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If you’re planning to sell your home this spring or summer, your deck should look its best to be a selling point.

Below are some quick and easy maintenance steps to reinvigorate your deck for prospective buyers:

Clean by pressure washing: During winter, the deck probably accumulated leaves, dirt and other buildup that would take hours to sweep away with a broom. Pressure washing pushes enough force against the wood that dirt and grime flow off the deck without a hitch. Homeowners can purchase or rent a power washer for the weekend or hire a professional to do the job.

Stain the wood: When your deck was first installed, it might also have been stained. However, climate conditions and wear might have deteriorated the stain. A deck can really shine under the sunlight and last for a long time with consistent staining. Staining works best for wood like redwood, cedar and pine, but it has to be the right type of coating to accent the grain. By consulting a deck contractor, he or she can help determine the best stain to bring out its natural beauty and last against the elements.

Deck it out: While the deck itself should grab a prospective buyer’s attention, accent it with decorations and other attractions. You could have lighting installed for $125 or more as reported by homeowners to bring out the stain’s sheen at night. Placing furniture will illustrate how cozy the space is for grilling, parties and relaxation. Adding potted flowers and trees will help it blend into the landscape. A buyer who steps onto the deck will feel immediately immersed, increasing their desire to buy your home.

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