Money Saving Energy Upgrades that Appeal to Buyers

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Many sellers may shy away from renovating their homes before selling them in an effort to avoid spending unnecessary money. However, buyers today are often looking for energy-efficient amenities, which can be hard to come by in older homes. The good news is that energy-efficient updates don’t have to cost you much, and can help attract buyers in a competitive market. Here are a few home improvements you can make without spending a fortune.

Install Energy-Efficient Products and Features
Consider investing in energy-efficient products and features throughout your home such as a washer and dryer or refrigerator. These types of features can keep energy bills low and help owners manage their new homeowner costs. By purchasing these energy-efficient appliances, you may also save money on your own energy bills during the selling process and earn tax benefits after the purchase.

Replace Windows
Energy-efficient window replacements can also make a difference in attracting buyers and lowering utility bills. Windows are the first place many homeowners and energy auditors examine for leaks and cracks that can lead to higher energy bills.

Put in a New Furnace
Home heating costs can add up, and replacing old or damaged furnaces can be pricey. However, new, energy-efficient furnaces are becoming increasingly popular and more affordable. In fact, Energy Star furnaces add 16 percent more efficiency than traditional furnaces and can save owners up to $96 per year in costs.

It may be beneficial to conduct a home energy audit to determine where efficiency can be improved. This is a great way for you to pinpoint where in the home needs extra attention, energy wise.

You may also want to consider investing in a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats learn the user’s habits and preferences with the ultimate goal of creating cost savings and comfort.

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