New Trends In Smart Home Technology

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Whether you’re shopping for a first home, looking to sell your home, or planning home renovations to add value to your house, smart home technology should be at the top of the list. Smart home features include voice control, security, temperature, lighting and safety.

Voice Control
One of the fastest-growing smart home features in the last year is voice control. The list of products that operate with voice control features is growing by the day, from music players to TVs to even security products, lighting, and shopping.

Most Americans think a home can be considered “smart” when it has smart security locks and alarm systems. Security features lead the way for smart features in terms of adoption and appeal.
Temperature control
Smart temperature control is improving the comfort of the household and can reduce energy consumption. With smart temperature control, a homeowner has the ability to adjust the temperature while away from the home

The safety of the household should be a top priority for any homeowner. Smart technology offers new features for fire and carbon monoxide detectors, nightlights, and other renovations to make your house safer. Homeowners look for safety features that allow them to monitor and control the safety of their home either when they are away or from anywhere inside the home.

For homeowners looking to improve comfort with the ability to make easy changes in the mood of their home – while reducing energy consumption – smart lighting is just the thing. Many new smart technologies emerged this year for a smarter lighting experience
The smart home technology trend is rapidly increasing in popularity and offers homeowners new ways to improve their standard of living while raising the value of their homes.

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