Pet Proofing Your Home and Yard

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Because our pets are so important to us ensuring they are safe is crucial.  When pet-proofing your home and yard, it is important to look at items from a pet’s standpoint and consider what things they are likely to play with, chew, or otherwise get into.

Toilet bowls are filled with water and often tempt pets to drink from them. This can cause a pet to drown, or it may poison them if toilet bowl cleaners are inside. It is best to close the lid to the toilet when not in use.

Living Rooms
In the living room, there are numerous items that are a threat to one’s pet. Many types of potted house plants are known to be toxic if chewed or swallowed. The cords to drapery and window blinds are a choking hazard and can loop around a pet’s neck. Electrical cords, if chewed on, can shock or electrocute one’s pet or start a fire.

When it comes to threats, food is the most obvious culprit. Certain items, such as chocolate and raisins, are toxic while other food items represent a choking hazard. Kitchen cleaners such as liquid soap and bleach are also poisonous.

Although the bedroom may seem like an overall safe place for pets, it is the unexpected, little things that can prove problematic for pets. Small items such as earrings and bobby pins as well as many others can,be chewed or swallowed. Moth balls in closets or drawers are toxic, as are certain house plants that may be kept in the room.

Certain items that are used on the lawn, flowers, and plants, such as fertilizers, pesticides, mulch, and compost, may contain chemicals or elements that a pet should not eat, drink, or lick. Care must be taken to also protect pets in yards with fire pits or outdoor fireplaces, pools, and ponds.

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