Questions a Buyer May Ask at an Open House

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As a home seller, it is important to be aware of several common questions buyers may ask your real estate agent at your open house.

An open house is one of the greatest opportunities home buyers have to look around, visualize themselves living in the house and, most importantly, ask questions about the property.

While buyers will ask about the actual layout and physical characteristics of a home, as the home seller, be aware of several other common questions they may ask your real estate agent.

How Many Bids Have You Received?
When a buyer shows up to an open house, they will likely have a good idea of your asking price. However, they may ask straightforward questions to help them gauge the true price at which you will really sell your home. For example, you may need to be prepared to disclose the number of bids you have received.

Why Are You Moving?
A buyer may ask your real estate agent why you are selling a home. Your agent is not required to share this information, but if they do, it can give a potential buyer a feel for where you stand. If you need to sell the property in a hurry, this could change how much a buyer offers to pay or how quickly he or she decides to make an offer.

Are There Additional Home ownership Costs or Special Rules?
Be prepared to explain any additional costs associated with purchasing the home you are selling, including fees or dues that come with certain properties. For example, if your home is located in a planned community, list the amount the buyer would need to pay for the association dues, additional taxes and other fees. Informing buyers of any neighborhood costs may play a role in their final decision to purchase the home or pass on the offer.

Make sure to also provide information about special regulations if the home you are selling is in a property like a condominium complex. Your real estate agent can normally provide details about communities that have special rules regarding pets or parking to any potential buyers.

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