Ways To Use Old Decor In a New Way

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Whether you are moving up or downsizing, there are lots of ways to use your current décor in a new way. Moving furniture from one room to another is one of the easiest ways to create a fresh new look.

Add “mismatched” chairs to the ends of a dining room table. Use a couple of your current dining room chairs as accents in the kitchen, living room, office or den. If you have a dining table that’s a little small, consider using it as a spacious desk allowing extra room to spread out and personalizing the office space.

If you have a great table or console but nowhere to use it in a new home, consider replacing, adding, shortening or extending the legs to bring it to a new height. This can turn a small dining table into a coffee table, a chest into a media unit, or even a sideboard into a vanity.

If your new home has taller windows or a different window layout, consider extending your drapery panels with contrasting material that can be added to the top, bottom or side to achieve the correct curtain length or width. Alternatively, you can merge panels from a multiple window layout to cover one larger window.
Move pieces to different rooms just to see them in a new light before you settle on where you think they should go. The possibilities really are endless once you’re willing to do a little experimenting.

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