Local Artist Finds Healing Through Printmaking

The finished results often leads me to an unexpected place.

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As Waxhaw grows, so does our population of talented artists.  Recently added to the mix of local talent is Maria Gratta-Pagnani, print maker and recycled sculptor.  She is a friendly, bubbly Massachusetts native who made the move down south in 2017.  Still new to the area, Maria is searching for a studio where she can create her prints and sculptures.  She is holding out to find just the right location and aesthetics that suits her artistic eye.

Although “homeless” for now, Maria has made herself right at home in the Waxhaw art community.  She is a member of the Waxhaw Arts Council, and her art is currently on display at Created in the Carolinas and in a rotating display at Maxwell’s Tavern.

Much of Maria’s work is influenced by her personal journey over the last decade.  In ten years she experienced the loss of ten family members. Her art gave her healing and a way to express her gratitude for the women that encouraged and supported her during this dark decade.

Maria describes the fluid and spontaneous printmaking process as a journey much like life where you are not always fully in control of how it turns out.  Maria’s artistic process reminds us that the artist’s job is to find beauty in somewhat unpredictable results.  She enjoys manipulating color, texture and patterns in a way that is not always precisely planned, yet beautiful, healing and expressive.

You can learn more about Maria and her amazing artwork on Facebook at Maria Gratta-Pagnani Studio aka Dragonfly Studio.

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