Lumber Mills, Clearing Projects and Mulch

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CHARLOTTE – Understand that mulch can come from many sources. Whether it is billed as hardwood, pine, cypress, red, brown, or black dyed, etc., all mulch is not equal. When purchasing bagged or bulk mulch try to determine the origin of the mulch. There are many mulch products in the marketplace that may originate from the pure debarking process at lumber mills or construction and road clearing projects grinding everything and anything but the kitchen sink. The difference is quality. Bark straight from the lumber mills and dyed mulch made from recycled pallets provide the best pure sources of material for a higher grade more decorative appearance.

The lower grade mulches usually originate at construction and clearing sites where stumps, limbs, dirt, vines, weeds, and even yard waste and construction debris are cleared and ground up in a big tub grinder. Pure bark as a by-product of lumber mills will always provide a better looking and longer-lasting curb appeal than mulch produced from clearing projects. Clearing project mulch will grey out much quicker and may also contain a myriad of potential weed growth and contamination issues. The differences between the mulches will be obvious and you will know it when you see them. But don’t expect the lower-quality mulch to be cheaper. Just know in our area you do have choices.

For more information about everything mulch please contact Metrolina Mulch Premium Landscape Products at (704) 888-1822 or come visit us at 3975 Hwy 24-27 East, Midland, NC 28107 – seven miles east of I-485 on Albemarle Road.

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Phil and Pam Carter
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