Have you ever ridden a horse?

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Have you liked horses your whole life? Or maybe you have had a recent awakening that is urging you to explore the thrill of riding a horse for the first time. Where do you start?

Here are some professional tips:

Do some research and find a local barn with a qualified instructor. Just like anything else, learning something new requires commitment. It’s important that the barn isn’t too far or inconvenient for you so that you won’t have any hang ups in diving in full force. Also, an educated professional can guide you on how to stay safe and make progress in achieving your goals. This part is critical.

Be ready to be physical in a way you’ve never experienced before. Riding is like no other sport because of the presence of the horse. Rubbing your belly and patting your head is an easy task compared to riding. In order to truly move with the horse, you have to learn to coordinate body parts you never knew you had, and then also stay on top of a moving 1,000 pound animal with flight instincts. But have no fear – it will all come together with hard work and dedication.

Be prepared to be a beginner – for a long time! Once you step into that stirrup for the first time, forget all about instant gratification. Working with horses is a life long journey but as the saying goes, nothing worth having comes easy. Have fun and good luck!

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