Paper Roll Craft for Kids

Turn you pile of toilet paper rolls into a creative family craft session at home!

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If your new norm included stocking up on toilet paper in preparation for “Corona-fication”, here is a fun way to use those empty paper rolls to keep your kids entertained!  Using common household items and a few basic crafting supplies, you can get in some family bonding time while creating upcycled art!

To make this project even easier for parents, Art Box Ceramics and Canvas is offering an Art To Go Kit with the supplies and template you need to complete this project!  You can order online at and pick up curbside or request front porch delivery!


  1. Paint the outside of the paper roll or wrap craft paper around the paper roll.
  2. On the backside of a 6×6 inch piece of craft paper, draw your tail fin and 2 smaller fins. (Template available online at
  3. Cut out all the fins. Cut fringes into the tail fin.
  4. Place the narrow end of the tail fin inside the bottom of the paper roll and pinch it closed. Secure with two staples.
  5. Bend down the tab on each small fin and tape it to the paper roll. Bend the fin back so the craft paper’s pattern shows.  The fin should be taped at an angle just below where the eyes will go.
  6. Draw a large black circle on two pre-cut white dots for the eyes. Glue or tape in place.
  7. Tie a knot at the end of a piece of string. Place a piece of tape just above the knot and secure it inside the fish’s mouth.
  8. Paint the inside of the fish’s mouth.
  9. Add additional details like polka dots or scales as desired!

While we’ve all been adjusting to our new norm of staying home and staying healthy, Art Box Ceramics and Canvas have added Art To Go Kits and Pottery To Go Kits to their menu of online services!  Now is a great time for families to incorporate art into their kid’s at-home schooling or a fun activity to encourage family bonding!

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