20 experience gifts for children

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Christmas is quickly approaching, and grandparents, aunts, and uncles are already asking for gift ideas for my children. The trouble is, with four kids, our house is already full to overflowing with toys. Sometimes it seems like my children own every toy ever invented!

Over the past few years, we’ve tried to cut down on the number of toy requests on the kids’ birthday and Christmas wish lists and have added in some experience gift ideas instead. My kids have received many special experiences as gifts and have loved each and every one. One of their absolute favorites each year has been a stay at Great Wolf Lodge given to them as a birthday gift from their grandparents. They love it and have asked to go back every year for their birthdays.

If your house is overrun with toys like ours, here are 20 experience gift ideas to consider this holiday season:

  1. Zoo membership or day pass
  2. Aquarium membership or day pass
  3. Museum membership or day pass
  4. Tickets to a children’s play
  5. Tickets to a sports event
  6. Tickets to a concert
  7. A gift card to a movie theater and movie snacks
  8. A stay at Great Wolf Lodge
  9. Carowinds season pass
  10. Trampoline park passes
  11. Rope climbing adventure pass
  12. Art classes
  13. Theater classes
  14. Dance lessons
  15. Horseback riding lessons
  16. Musical instrument and lessons
  17. Swim lessons
  18. Ice skating or roller skating lessons
  19. Camping trip and camping supplies
  20. Children’s cookbook and kitchen tools
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