5 realistic New Year’s goals for parents

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January is the time for resolutions. People make them every year promising to eat healthier, drink more water, exercise more. Sadly, very few actually keep their resolutions. The idea of changing poor habits sounds good in theory, but is hard in reality.

Although I would love to make all of the above healthy changes to my life, as a busy mom, I know I won’t keep any big resolutions. This year, instead of striving for something big, I’m going to try for a few small changes. Want to join me? Here are five small and very doable New Year’s goals for parents.

  1. Be present. Put the phone down, turn off the TV and engage in some screen-free time with your kids.
  2. Practice patience. Take a deep breath. Step away from the situation. Pick your battles. Resolve to think before responding with impatience and frustration.
  3. Stop comparing. In this age of social media, it’s easy to get caught in a trap of comparisons. We compare our homes, our cars, our jobs, our kids, our spouse, our family vacations, our holiday celebrations. Instead of comparing yourself to others, practice the art of gratefulness and count your blessings every day.
  4. Date your spouse. In the midst of parenting, it’s easy to forget to spend time with your spouse. Call grandma every once in a while to keep the kids and spend time together as a couple.
  5. Make time for yourself. If your days are anything like mine, they are filled with constant demands from your kids leaving little time for yourself. In my house, someone is hungry all the time. I fix meals and snacks constantly, but I often forget to eat. I give my four kids a bath every day, but will forget a shower for myself. I read dozens of children’s books, but rarely read for my own pleasure. Make caring for yourself a daily priority and it will be easier to be a more patient and loving parent to your children.

Happy New Year!

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