Handmade, garden-themed gifts for mom

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner. I don’t know about you, but I’m a mom who likes handmade gifts better than anything that can be bought at a store.


I love the handmade gifts and cards that my children make for me every Mother’s Day. The excitement on their faces as they wait for me to open the special gifts they’ve created is just as sweet as the gift itself. My house and yard are full of the kids’ creations and I can’t help but smile at the happy memories each item brings.


Dads and kids, if you’re looking for some creative ideas for mom this Mother’s Day, check out the four garden-themed gift ideas below. Any mom (or grandma) is sure to love one of these handmade gifts for her backyard.


  1. Painted flower pots. Paint little thumbprints on terra cotta pots. Once the thumbprints are dry, use a permanent marker to turn them into ladybugs, caterpillars, spiders or butterflies. Or let your little budding artist use his or her imagination to paint a pot of their own design. Be sure to spray the pot with a clear coat of spray paint to seal. Plant some of mom’s favorite flowers in the pot for a beautiful personalized gift she can enjoy all season long.


  1. Stepping stones. Although you can purchase a kit to make garden stepping stones, they’re really just as simple as some quick-dry cement, a plastic mold and decorations of your choice (decorative stones, buttons, shells, etc). Mix the cement with water and pour into a plastic mold. Press little hands or feet into the cement and/or let the kids write in the cement with a popsicle stick. Decorate, let dry and surprise mom with a beautiful decoration for her garden or flower bed.


  1. Bird feeders. Homemade bird feeders are a fun gift for Mother’s Day. The ideas for homemade feeders are endless and many are simple enough for even the littlest of gift givers to make. One simple idea is a pinecone bird feeder. Pinecone feeders can be made by spreading a layer of peanut butter on a pinecone and rolling in birdseed. Push a tack in the bottom of the cone and attach another peanut butter and birdseed coated cone to the first with yarn or ribbon. Repeat until the feeder is the desired length. Tie a pretty ribbon to the top cone and hang outside a window for mom to enjoy as the birds come to dine.


  1. Wind chimes. Handmade wind chimes can be made out of anything from natural elements such as sticks, bamboo, shells or pinecones to repurposed items such as old keys, spoons, tin cans or beads. With some paint, string and a little imagination, the kids can create unique wind chimes for mom to hang in the backyard.


Happy Mother’s Day!

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