Passion For Fashion: Horoscope Dressing

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Horoscope dressing?

Yes, it’s a thing. Our horoscope can give insight into our personalities and it seems the way we like to dress. This week I am talking to all the Leo’s out there and wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

Leo’s, as we know, are charismatic, warm people with big personalities who often enjoy the spotlight. How does affect how they choose to dress?

First, Leo’s love to make a statement. Their clothes are costumes and Leos love glamour with a capital G. Their hair is very important to them. After all, it’s their hair and they usually have a lot of it and they love big hair.

When it comes to clothes they love leather, fur, sequins and color.

A Leo will also add metallics to an outfit for extra glamour, including shiny shoes and belts. A Leo lady is usually sporting gold jewelry and a handbag with a shiny finish. They are stylish individuals who appreciate high fashion. So, they will incorporate color shine, leather to their look in a sophisticated way.

For example, they will wear an asymmetrical skirt with black patent leather boots, a purple silk blouse with a cropped fur vest and big gold earrings. This is a bold outfit choice and just right for a Leo lady.

Favorite colors of Leo’s are bright red, orange, yellow and gold. Leo’s also love and animal print.

Look out some fashion loving Leos near you.

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