Fashion Tricks to keep you cool this summer

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As the temperatures soar, you need to catch the breeze and create shade where you can.

Summer is full of so much fun. Try these tricks to keep you smiling through the heat.

Keep your clothes loose – A flowing maxi dress will keep you cooler than shorts.  It catches the wind and creates a breeze as you walk!

Skip the padded bra – Choose an unlined bra or bralette, and say no to boob sweat!

Light weight fabrics are the right choice for keeping cool – but choose ones with some structure.  When they are designed with more shape the fabric will flow away from your body rather than cling to you.

Keep your clothes fresh -Tempting as it may be to rewear items in between washes, remember even light wear still leaves skin cells and sweat behind.  It gets trapped in the fiber, making them less breathable.

Choose natural fabrics – they will let you breath.

Create shade, choose a hat –  You will have shade where ever you go!

When it comes to handbags, leave the backpack at home – Instead grab a cute crossbody. They are light and airy, and leave your hands free for ice cream!

Finally, find a pool and jump in!

Enjoy your summer.

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