Haute Hippie

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This really sums up the new look. It plays beautifully into our increasing awareness of eating clean, and choosing cruelty free makeup brands such as Tarte. More of us now make Yoga a part of our exercise routine. The new hippie is more sophisticated than her earlier counterpart, and this is reflected in the latest looks–which are fabulous! I cannot wait to wear them!

We have already enjoyed the “kiss me shoulder,” the tops with a bit of shoulder showing. Now it is complete shoulder exposure in many tops and in the new gypsy inspired dresses.

Skirts are generally longer in length, below the knee, which is super flattering. There are a lot of asymmetrical lines, both in skirt hemlines and in tops. I love this look!

Frills are being incorporated into many places. You will see them added to shoulders, sleeves, and hems, but done in a different way than we have seen them before. Thankfully, they are more understated. Lace is also being added in panels on blouses, and tops are being switched up to add more interest. Expect to see stripes, polka dots, and florals.

It is a new season–we need a new look.

Enjoy the new fashions!

As always, fashion is fun!

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