How to wear white . . . Right!

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Summer is here and along with it many super cute white dresses, white shorts, white pants, and white skirts. They all look great on the mannequins, but how to wear them successfully in REAL life?

First, what works best underneath. First tip: NO WHITE. White works as a highlight, which you do not want. Instead, try grey undies–perfect under white pants. For bras, it depends on your skin color. For fair skin, try pale pink; mid coloring, try beige; and for dark skin tones, try a bra from Nubian.

When you are putting your white outfit together, avoid finishing with white shoes. . . unless you like the nurse look!! Instead, team with a pair of neutral shoes like beige, dark cream, or grey.

White outfits are also a terrific backdrop for jewelry. Try a statement piece, or go Boho with a long chain. Perhaps you prefer a delicate necklace. Choose what suits you. Your white outfit will showcase your jewelry perfectly!

Fashion is fun!

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