Personalize your news

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We are an empowered generation. Today we can choose the news we receive straight from our personal device wherever we are. As we go about our daily lives, news is streaming constantly as well as messages from friends. You can sign up for inspiring messages, online newspapers, magazines and coupons!

Doctors’ offices now text appointment reminders, and many businesses have now joined the text messaging world, too. It makes perfect sense. The more personalized these messages get, the more powerful they are, as the news they are sending is reaching the audience that wants that particular information. This benefits all. The recipient gets the info they want, and the sender gets the response they seek. This is true whether it is a patient calling to schedule a visit, a customer ordering a cake from the baker that he or she has informed the customer about, or your favorite boutique is having a sale!

Our cell phones are important devices; they can do so much. They navigate us, count our calorie intake, tell us when we should sleep, stream our favorite TV shows, and now they connect us to news that we, as individuals, choose.

Technology can be fun! Make it work for you!

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