Shopping at Home

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Shopping at home has grown a lot from catalog parties with your friends. In our sophisticated world of  convenience, we all enjoy shopping online. Although this doesn’t let us try differing styles or give us the thrill of finding that just right piece you can wear straight away.

So on the heels of the fabulous fashion trucks, who can be found at many festivals and sporting events, and can also can be booked for private events in your own driveway, brick and mortar shops are always looking to increase there customer service.  They are setting up mini boutiques in private homes.  Many times it will even be a few boutiques coming together in one place for great customer selections.

Imagine, you invite your friends. The boutique arrives, you simply open the door and let them set
everything up.  Dress and jewelry displays, rolling clothes racks and wrapping.  All in the comfort
of your own home!!

This to me sounds like FUN. If you like the sound of this, inquire at boutiques you like.  Many are already doing events like this.

Fashion is fun
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